Violence and Humanity

“The imprints of war are everlasting” the battered Aleppo must have cried.

It’s not just Aleppo, not just war, every individual has had an insight that relates to violence. The foundation of the rise and fall of dynasties has been laid upon the deaths of millions. The deepest desire of mankind maybe sex, sex in it’s natural form between two consenting adults may not be violent but the condescending nature of one of those adults changes the situation a bit. Well, the desires for sex go way beyond the act. An hour read of what’s available on the deep web will cringe the farthest corners of your heart. 

Maybe our civilization was a pyramid in which if a brick crumbled the other took it’s place but now we are way beyond that era. The boundaries of Nations, states, territories, cities and even individuals are well defined. The rights are well defined but our violent instincts have been breaking them regularly. Some do the stuff to be more of a man, some have no idea about what they are doing, some in the name of religion, others to nullify those who do it in the name of religion. 

The Earth has a lot of problems to handle the biggest might be the evergrowing human population and it’s varying demands and instincts. The rise of organised terrorism has already had our work cut out for us. A planned action and a new order is what we need now.

Anyways, have a great day everyone. Live peacefully.


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