Albums to be Anticipated in 2017

A good year for music comes to an end. We have had some great albums released this year. I would like to shout out to Death Grips, Schoolboy Q, A tribe called Quest, Kendrick Lamar among others whose albums I enjoyed a lot this year but wasn’t able to include in the list because you know only so much can fit in a list. And also we had some records released which disappointed me. I mean they weren’t bad but could have been better (Kanye, Rihanna and J. Cole I’m talking about you all). Royce came up with a great album too. I also liked Drake’s album more than I thought I would even though it was really long. And there were some really bad ones and ehhh let’s forget them and move on to the next year.

Like every year we maybe in for surprises this year too but here I have formed a list of artists that have either announced an album slated for 2017 release or the ones I expect to release a project next year. So let’s get started.

1. Run the Jewels- Run the Jewels 3

Well this was originally supposed to be released in 2017 but surprise surprise the duo droped this intense, layered, banger of an album on us like a bomb on Christmas. For those who have heard it already know that they’ll continue jamming this and those who haven’t go grab a copy or stream or whatever just give this one a spin.

2The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody

Slated for an early release next year (Jan 13) one can expect to start the year really well with the Flaming Lips in the mix. Those familiar with The Lips already know that they are a pop rock spectle, those who don’t know them well should give them a try. It’s almost a guarantee that one will be exposed to a unique approach that’s gonna be interesting for sure. 

3. Kanye West- Turbo Grafx 16

Kanye West can be a polarizing personality and now he recently shocked the world yet again with his weird hairdo. Maybe that suggest a new direction for his life. Even though I was sort of underwhelmed with Kanye’s 2016 release I have really high expectations from his next one. He’s suffering personally and I hope he rejuvenates himself and gives us the music that we have come to expect of him.

4. Arcade Fire- TBA

With nothing solid announced yet it’s all just a speculation but the band is rumored to have been working on a new album and now as substantial time has passed between their last record and now, it’s due time that the fans start expecting the band to drop new material. Till then a listen to Reflektor, Funeral or The Suburbs, infact any of the bands album will be great for anyone not familiar with them.

5. Justin Timberlake- TBA

“Can’t Stop the feeling” is a testimony to the ability that JT has to bring the listener to his/her feet. Last time he dropped an album it ended up as the highest selling album of that year. Some of the songs will still be fresh in the mind of his fans. And now we have waited for about 3 years. So, yeah I expect him to drop something next year.

6. Lorde – TBA

Late David Bowie called her “the future of music” which in no capacity is an overstatement. An artist who has the ability to construct a song in her own way and bring that much needed tint of individuality to every song that she touches. I enjoyed “Pure Heroine” a lot and probably everyone is already familiar with her super smash hit “Royals”. The album is in the production stage according to her and we can’t help but be excited about what it holds.

7. Beck – TBA

For anyone who didn’t know how much of an artist Beck is must have come to know about his prowess after the Grammy’s (Thanks Kanye). Beck had been around for a really long time before receiving the Oscar and the one he finally got it for wasn’t even his best album and one thing is for sure he is far from done.

8.) LCD soundsystem – TBA

Well their music for me is not just an amalgamation of instruments and vocals, it’s an experience. James Murphy is finally back with his team to bring about what can possibly be the most memorable album released next year. They have cancelled your dates to indulge themselves in recording meaning they’re enjoying it which is also proportional to us enjoying it even more.

9.) U2- Songs of Experience 

This new album might be tightled very aptly given the experience of this band. While their album was largely a hit and miss but the band has shown time and time again that they are capable of providing high quality work. What makes things interesting is the involvement of ever reliable Ryan Tedder as co-producer.

10.) The National – TBA

It’s almost gonna be four years since The National released a proper studio album. They have released really quality work between 2003 to 2013. They have busy with tours and music festivals. Now let’s what they conjure up this coming year for us.

There are also a few other albums expected to be released that I am excited for.

  • Stevie Wonder- Through the eyes of Wonder
  •  Schoolboy Q- TBA
  • Father John Misty- TBA
  • Vampire Weekend- TBA

Here are some Artists that I expect will rule the album charts next year:

  • Jay Z- TBA
  • Eminem- TBA
  • Drake- More Life
  • Taylor Swift- TBA
  • Katy Perry- TBA

The albums by JT, Lorde and Kanye will surely have good chart outputs too.

Apart from these I also expect to lay my hands on some artists that I haven’t heard yet and some new artists to enter the music scene with a bang.

Have a great year everyone.



12 thoughts on “Albums to be Anticipated in 2017

  1. Yes, its quite sad that Beck became popular so later when most of his quality work came before Morning Phase..
    Btw,.. Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, JT, Lorde, Beck, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay’s EP.. are some of the ones I’m really very much waiting and dying for..


      1. Okay and yes, I know right, My woman and The color in anything are kinda in my top 10 from 2016 and Solange’s album A seat at the table, is also really very good… And how come Anti (Rihanna) got 8 grammy nominations??.. I didn’t liked the album at all!! But I did listen it just one-time though.


  2. Yes, Solange’s a good album but it ain’t something that I’d hear many times..
    But from the albums I have heard, this is my definite top 8 –
    1.A moon shaped pool
    3.22, a million
    5.The color in anything
    7.My woman


  3. Well you do see the position it is in. And moreover, I haven’t yet heard many other good albums from the year. And I don’t want to stuff up more music than which I’m listening right now. These above mentioned records have great replay value for me especially the first 6. And I’ve been listening much other music from quite sometime, the artists that I’ve started to love very much like Arcade fire, Vampire Weekend, James Blake, M83 etc. So I can’t get enough of their discography. I already have enough good music on my plate. So…..


    1. Yeah it’s a great line up with lots of potential. Some of it for next year too. You can try the National this year, maybe Bjork and Father John Misty too. You may also like the new childish Gambino album if you like Frank Ocean


  4. Okay, will see to try those. And Like Frank Ocean?? I haven’t heard his mixtape but his both albums are effing masterpiece. I just can’t get enough of Blonde.


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