Cell of Will (Chapter 2) : The Dreamer

I didn’t use to use the word lonely, being alone in my own room used to be a time of solace and moreover it was never this quiet in my room, even though I didn’t pay much heed to it then, the sound of cars passing by, birds chirping, people strolling around having a good chat seems like a necessity now. It was a momentary human touch that I felt, for the first time in a while and now I would give away everything to live those few seconds a thousand times over again. I didn’t even ask what her name was.How clumsy I am and  How close is this room to the world of my dreams, away from the monotonous life cycle that I used to have, away from the people that I thought served no purpose in my life, away from all the noise and so peaceful, yet it’s so far away. Maybe life is supposed to be a circle but now even my imagination and thoughts are a circular path that I live everyday. There’s no peace here only a lot of questions that I have no answers to. I have always been the dreamer but seems like dreams aren’t meant to be reality. Or maybe this is how I exit this place “Kill the dream, kill the dreamer”.

“You think it’s a dream don’t you” he said as entered the room wearing all black, the coat, shirt, pants, and shoes, his wry smile complementing his dark eyes. “Why don’t you cut yourself right here” he said putting his finger on my neck “and find out how much of a dream it is”. He paused for a while and continued again “maybe it’s a dream, maybe not, maybe it’s someone else’s dream that you’re in to die and before you start with the same questions everyone asks I wanna tell you that I have the answers you want, the answers unfortunately you don’t deserve, so before you ask what’s this place? Who am I and how do you get out of here? I wanna tell you that this isn’t how it works”

“Another visit” I thought, from getting none for maybe months to two so quick, are things finally going to take a turn for good? 

“Then how does it work?” I asked hesitatingly. 

“You’ll figure that out soon I guess” he said

“Why are you here? And you know that talking like this won’t be of any help to me” I said.

“Well, I wanted to ask about a particular person, a girl called Florence” he replied.

I identified the name as soon as he said it. I have been having visions of being in a pool of blood holding a girl in my hand and calling out that one name “Florence” but what does he have to do with her, is the girl in my arms Florence or is that the name of my girlfriend? 
“Yes” I said expecting him to drop more details.

“Hmm, I presumed you would be familiar with her, so did you find her?” He asked.

I had no idea what he was talking about “How or where am I supposed to find her?” I yelled and asked.

“The same place you have been looking for her, maybe you should look better or farther or deeper” he said.

“What am I supposed to do when I find her” I enquired.

“Once you find her and if you find her she’ll take care of the rest, you don’t have to worry a bit” he said and turned his back and started to walk away and out of the room.

“What do I call you? What’s your name?” I asked in a rush

“The dreamer would be suffice for now” he said and bowed out the door.


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