Run the Jewels : Run the Jewels 3 Review

We were in the last days of 2016. I had already decided and published the list of my favorite albums of the year. That’s when Run the Jewels i.e. duo of Killer Mike and El-P decided to drop the bomb on us on December 24, 2016. I saw the buzz through my twitter, people where asking their friends and family to find time out of their festive routines to give this a listen and listen I did. For anyone who’s been a fan or heard their last project knows that they didn’t have much to prove, nothing except showing the ability to follow RTJ2 with a comparable and possibly better record. If you ask me they deliver on every nook and cranny of the record.

No offense to El-P (I like his rapping too) but now I truly believe that Killer Mike was born to do this. He is an activist both by his actions and by his music. El-P on the other hand gives these verses the platform they need, fills the record with energy that never seems lacking once it begins after the first track “Down”. In the end  the result is banger after banger accompanied by a motive to bring in revolution, all packed in this record which seems unfairly effortless.

Talking about features we have Danny Brown here on a beat that makes me wonder that why doesn’t he ask El-P to produce for him more. Zach de la rocha and Boots return to give the duo a company worth noticing in the album. We also have Trina and Kamasi Washington among others. The production here is so what one may expect from a RTJ album yet so different from their previous endeavors.

The album is a must listen for everyone and I highly recommend it. Give it try and tell me how you feel about it. What you like, what you don’t and if you haven’t tried them yet do tell what makes you not give the duo a listen. The album is on par with their previous album to me. I won’t mention a favourite track because I like each and every track almost equally except the opening track “Down” which might be the only down moment of the album.

The album is a brilliant 9/10 project for me and very well might be among the highlights of this year. Happy listening.


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