The xx – I See You Review

I recently got into listening them and it wasn’t until the last quarter of 2016 that I heard their first two albums (xx and coexist). To begin with I would say that even though I liked these albums I wasn’t a very big fan, they just didn’t do enough for me musically and lyrically. The first two records were very spacey and moody and the thing with moody records is that sometimes the mood can feel forced if not placed and executed naturally.

Talking about I See You, the band does what a The xx fan might have expected them to do. The props and cons of both the previous albums retain on this one but still I give the band major props for trying more on this record. I find this album to be much more engaging than both “xx” and “coexist”. Even though the product, instrumentally is still minimal, but we do find some funky rhythms and pop tunes in songs like “On hold” and “I dare you”. The instrumentation used here do elevate the feel though especially the string sections. I love the vibrant use of instruments on songs like “Lips” and also “Replica”. Vocally, I would say that Romy makes a much more positive impact than Oliver ever does on this whole record. Lyrically, the band explores love, desire, pain of heartbreaks, anxiety among some other topics.

Overall, I would say this is an improvement over “coexist”. This album is much more diverse, detailed and engaging. At the same time I would also like to say that probably they could have structured the songs and the album in a better way as some of these songs do have an abrupt ending. If you have been a fan of them you’ll probably love this album and may even rate it as their best and if you’re new the xx then I would say this is a good album to start listening them if you are looking out for some moody, spacey and breathy music.

I would say this is a 7/10 album to me.

If you have given this one a  listen do tell me how you feel about it and have a great day everyone.


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