Big Sean – I Decided Review


Detroit rapper Big Sean aka Sean Don or whatever you may like to him is back again with his 4th studio album and he calls it “I Decided”. To be fair to Big Sean I think he receives too much backlash (more than he deserves). At least to me he has been improving with each and every album and to sum it up the trend very much continues with this one. Until now all of his albums have had hit or miss tracks for my taste (more miss than hit). I used to like a few tracks here and there on them but this one had me all optimistic largely because of the singles that dropped before its release. So I decided (No pun intended) to give this album a listen the day it dropped.

The album starts off just fine with the “Intro” then it reaches a three track run that I liked here and made me feel even more hopeful for what’s in store. I like the Jeremih featuring tracks “Light” and “Bounce Back” might be one of my favorite Big Sean tracks to date, Metro Boomin does a great job on this one with the production. “No Favors” was fine although the verses by both Eminem and Sean are good on their own they just don’t fit together that well on this particular song and I believe Eminem could have done much better with his verse and contributed more to the song and album substance wise. There are tracks on this album that I would have cropped out and will probably skip on further listens like “Jump out of Window” (probably made Lady Gaga jump during her performance too (just joking) ) but there are other tracks that I really love, like the song “Sacrifices” featuring Migos. Other tracks like “Sunday Morning Jetpack, “Voices in my head” and “Moves” are some notable tracks over here.

The album receives executive production from Kanye West and production wise is a well put together album though at times the production may sound a bit tiring. It has trap elements throughout the album and a very modern sound. It’s true the album gains in production and content but still lacks long term replay-ability and Big Sean still needs to improve his delivery. One of his major problem is his voice which might sound very boring to a lot of listens and takes away the overall a affect a song might have had if it had been delivered by a more potent vocalist. Other problem is the lack of originality and inventiveness that Sean’s project have always had to actually portray him as the biggest superstar that he aims to be.

Overall, I will say this is my favorite Big Sean album to date but still it leaves a lot to be desired from a top tier artist who hails from a top tier music label with Kanye in it. It will be interesting to see where Big Sean goes after this in his career.

I give this album a 6.5/10. If you already heard do tell me what do you feel about it and if not then tell me what keeps you from listening to Big Sean or artists like him.


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