Bling and Sling : The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, La La Land, Future Lana Del Ray

Oscars 2017 have come to an end and they ended with a fiasco. Anyhow, I haven’t seen a lot of movies nominated this year so my excitement was a tad low. Anyhow, even though I haven’t seen the movie I gave the soundtrack of La la land a couple of spins and my god what a record it is. This is the kind of music I would love to paint my walls with. The record gives me a good idea of what the movie holds and Justin Hurwitz has done a brilliant job with it. I totally get all the love it’s been getting now.
Next up is Future. The Atlanta rapper came out with two albums FUTURE and HNDRXX. I haven’t given the latter a listen yet but the first one, the first one sounds almost like everything else Future has done till now. I felt like he isn’t moving anywhere artistically. Although there are songs here that good beats and some nice flows and some songs that I might listen for a while but nothing here stands out as amazing and timeless. Moreover after listening this I felt like I have had enough of FUTURE for a month and that’s what kept me from listening HNDRXX.

Now it’s time to address the elephant in the room, the track that got the internet buzzing and one of my friends worried about one of his favorite artists choosing a path not meant for them. It’s time to address the new Chainsmokers song “Something Just Like This” for which they do a collaboration with Coldplay. People who know Coldplay would suggest that it was more a collaboration with Chris Martin than Coldplay because I absolutely didn’t see any musical influence of Coldplay barring the end and then again just when Martin says “I want something just like this” comes the abomination of the song which makes me feel I would never something like this. I was skeptical of this collab but I wasn’t against it. Now after hearing this all I wanna say is if both the groups wanted to collab they should have done it much better. They can. I mean anyone can make music less bland than Chainsmokers but they can at least try to make something different than what they already have over and over and over again. Because what they are doing right now makes them feel more like a product of great market research than a product of inspired music. Not everyone makes great technical music but at least those artist try to do something different Everytime but groups like these run a formula to the ground. Just stop it. I expected lyrics to be good this time but even they felt a bit dumbed down compared to what Coldplay generally come up with. This song is the perfect example of the least essential kind of music. 

Well right after that track came a Calvin Harris track and it featured Frank fucking Ocean and Migos. Well if the above track was an example of taking a step back this one is an example of taking a step ahead. The beat here is good it’s the kind of beat that popular dance music should have. It instantly makes you feel the groove and dance to it. Frank does what one expects him to do and delivers his vocals very efficiently. The Migos are good here too. They seem to have found a place for themselves a groove to fit in and are doing well in what they are good at. They are “bad and boujee” (pun intended). See the thing is I am not always in the mood for the lyrical content of this song but the beat drives me in. The “Slide” is a ride that I enjoy.

Next is Lana Del Ray, who is back with “Love”. I would say that the song is surely enough to “make her fans go crazy”. Subject wise we see the same topics being covered as we have seen her address in her previous work. Her delivery is moody, and her slightly sexualy charged voice helps sets the mood. The track isn’t something out of ordinary but has enough quality to get one excited for new material. She knows her forte and is ready to use it on us. 

Well this was my week when it comes to listening new music. If you have heard the above tracks tell me how you feel about them.



The Past few Days: Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran, Sampha, Maroon 5, Katy Perry and more.

The Grammys are done and there were some really bright moments the brightest of them all probably (apart from Cee Lo Green’s clothing) was Adele’s walk of triumph after triumph. Many would argue a better scenario would have been Bey taking home the coveted Album of the year but I wouldn’t go that far and say Adele didn’t deserve it, after all she had a good album and the biggest album of the last few years. But now the world of music moves forward and we have had new releases in the meanwhile.

So, let’s get started with Sampha. I happened to stumble upon his album actually. I was tuning into Beats 1 Radio stream expecting to hear Big Sean’s “I Decided” but was too late and by the time I tuned in they were finished with Sean and had Sampha on, the song “Under” was playing and I loved it straight away. I gave the album “Process” a listen and man oh man it was brilliant. In fact it is right now my favorite album released in 2017. The British singer’s efforts on this Alternative R&B, electronic record are very commendable and this being his debut album gives me a lot of hope for the what the future holds. And now as I used the word future it reminds me of another song I heard today, Maroon 5 feat. Future “Cold“. I must say that I wasn’t as disappointed by the as I was by the music video. It was a pain in the ass. The song however was again nothing special heck even Adam didn’t look excited for it in the beginning.

Then there’s also the Linkin Park track “Heavy” that got released today. The song is something very different than what one may expect from the band specially after how their last album sounded like. The song features vocals from Chester Bennington and guest vocals from Kiiara. Chester might seem unrecognizable at first when the song starts “I don’t like my mind right now” and goes on to talk about how he is handling the problems andhow the weight of the stuff he has to handle might be getting too much to handle for him and so does Kiiara. The vocals here are done well and the production on “Heavy” is light but enjoyable and fits the theme well the problem here is that this song sounds just like many other songs one may hear on the radio and even though it’s a comparatively new territory for the seasoned band I personally think it’s playing safe as I expected bands like LP to push the barriers a little more and go past the defined boundaries but maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, it is a good track to bump from time to time and I am excited to listen what they do with “One More Light” which comes out in May.

There’s also Ed Sheeran who released a new song (not a single he says) “How would you feel (Paean)”. I enjoyed his previous songs both “Castle on the hill” and “Shape of you“. This one here is song that is very reminiscent of “Thinking out loud” as he sings soulfully while playing his guitar in the background. He sings mostly in the mid and higher vocal range. It’s a very enjoyable song for those who have enjoyed his previous stuff. It’s very well written and increases my expectations with the upcoming album of his (Divide).

I’ll also like to shout out Jens Lekman for his album “Life will see you now“. The project is multi-colored in structure and has references to disco, funk, and soul among other genres. It has the potential to be one of the highlights among the Indie Pop genre music released this year. Oh and now the word highlight reminds of another album that’s Lupe Fiasco‘s “DROGAS light“. Well to be fair to Lupe I didn’t like this record. It was just too safe and almost none of the tracks here stand out to me and promise to be the one’s that I’ll keep on bumping in the future. I was very disappointed in the album. Disappointment reminds of another artist, Katy Perry. Well the new song “Chained to the rhythm” which features Skip Marley is just kind of trashy to me. I don’t really like calling people’s music trashy but that gave me a headache on the first listen itself (I have heard it more than once though). I hope it grows on me but right now I could have better done without it. 

There was a lot of stuff released recently and difficult to talk about it all but yeah NAV has released a song featuring The Weeknd it’s called “Some way” wasn’t exactly head over heels for it but yeah it’s a cool track to listen to and it grows on you. Probably The Weeknd takes shots at Justin Bieber in this one and believe me those lines are burn inducing. Which reminds me of Selena Gomez. She also released new music with Kygo. The song is titled “It Aint me” and has all the ingredients to be a hit but it’s largely a track that will be forgotten as soon as a new hit hits the market. 

So yeah, that’s pretty much it from me. Keep listening and do tell me what and who you are looking out for and what you feel about the above tracks and albums.