The Chainsmokers: Memories…Do Not Open Review

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At first I wanted to start with a joke on the album title. Why would you put “Do not open” in your album title? Do you not want people to listen to it? Oh wait, no, no, no. I get you. This is your way to play with psyche of your listeners to propel them to open the album, your way of attracting listeners. Oh shit! I decided not to talk about the title I still did. Goddamn! these guys are good at getting people to talk about their stuff.

Moving on to the album, I heard their singles “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” at that time I wasn’t very happy with what I heard even though I totally adore Coldplay I thought that the song was too dumbed down lyrically and recently The Chainsmokers did say that Chris Martin free-styled his lyrics for the song so that explains a few things. The drop for me was the worst part of the song particularly because I was disappointed in the choice of sounds chosen for the drop. Paris felt like an attempt to milk the cash cow that the sounds of their previous hits have been for them. Now an album is what generally defines the career of an artist. An album is the complete body of work and the defining moment of someones artistic style and approach. The success pushed them to make an album and they do talk about the success and its effect on their lives during the course of the album, they talk about the problems in their life but the “problems” wouldn’t really and shouldn’t really bother a grown up. The other topics are break-ups (because when you’re famous you do get to have a lot of them) and betrayals. Not saying that these topics aren’t supposed to be on an album the problem is that the lyrics that describe the aforementioned subjects have the same panache and enigma that the last text message sent by any person anywhere on the might have.

The album holds up its style i.e. commercial EDM inspired by the sounds of The Chainsmokers songs that one has already heard in last few months or so. I am not really going to point out the originality of the album because I don’t think anyone expects it to be a ground breaking piece of art. I didn’t expect it to be an experimental project too because The Chainsmokers and moreover, not everything needs to be experimental. You can make an album full of generic sounds that turns out to be enjoyable. A good commercial album. But is this good commercial music? Well it fails to do so. Yes, it would sell, it would lead the streaming charts worldwide but its all too forgettable. I didn’t really enjoy the singles but upon their release but after listening the album those were the songs that stood out. Well not everything here is bad. I do enjoy the song “It won’t kill ya” it has an enjoyable beat, a nice drop that entertains and actually feels like serving a purpose. The drops aren’t the major part of this album or should I say the drops aren’t meant to be the stand out points (according to their use and placements) but the choice of sounds for these album only makes them irritating.

The sound choice throughout the album is bland and drab. I mean, this is probably as uninteresting an album can get. There isn’t much to decipher or look out for in further listens and most of the songs feel really long in the second listen itself. The opens with a fine song but even song that reaches a bad climax, the album closing track, “Last Day Alive” feels like an awkward end. Its like the album wasn’t meant to end with it and the Florida Georgia Line feature offers nothing notable too. Jhene Aiko is wasted on a bland and tasteless beat that the song isn’t able ooze out any emotion at all. Some of the songs over here do start well but become tiring at the half way point.

Overall, I would say with better lyrics, sharper topics and better vocal performance this could have been a much better album. Its not pointless, the album has a point, the problem is that the lyrics don’t help it execute any of those points. Even adding better vocal effects to Taggart’s voice would have helped the cause. The album fails to generate any experience and I personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If I gotta give a rating it would be 4/10.

That’s it guys and have you given this one a listen? What do you feel about it? And what else have you been bumping the past few days?


Bling and Sling : The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, La La Land, Future Lana Del Ray

Oscars 2017 have come to an end and they ended with a fiasco. Anyhow, I haven’t seen a lot of movies nominated this year so my excitement was a tad low. Anyhow, even though I haven’t seen the movie I gave the soundtrack of La la land a couple of spins and my god what a record it is. This is the kind of music I would love to paint my walls with. The record gives me a good idea of what the movie holds and Justin Hurwitz has done a brilliant job with it. I totally get all the love it’s been getting now.
Next up is Future. The Atlanta rapper came out with two albums FUTURE and HNDRXX. I haven’t given the latter a listen yet but the first one, the first one sounds almost like everything else Future has done till now. I felt like he isn’t moving anywhere artistically. Although there are songs here that good beats and some nice flows and some songs that I might listen for a while but nothing here stands out as amazing and timeless. Moreover after listening this I felt like I have had enough of FUTURE for a month and that’s what kept me from listening HNDRXX.

Now it’s time to address the elephant in the room, the track that got the internet buzzing and one of my friends worried about one of his favorite artists choosing a path not meant for them. It’s time to address the new Chainsmokers song “Something Just Like This” for which they do a collaboration with Coldplay. People who know Coldplay would suggest that it was more a collaboration with Chris Martin than Coldplay because I absolutely didn’t see any musical influence of Coldplay barring the end and then again just when Martin says “I want something just like this” comes the abomination of the song which makes me feel I would never something like this. I was skeptical of this collab but I wasn’t against it. Now after hearing this all I wanna say is if both the groups wanted to collab they should have done it much better. They can. I mean anyone can make music less bland than Chainsmokers but they can at least try to make something different than what they already have over and over and over again. Because what they are doing right now makes them feel more like a product of great market research than a product of inspired music. Not everyone makes great technical music but at least those artist try to do something different Everytime but groups like these run a formula to the ground. Just stop it. I expected lyrics to be good this time but even they felt a bit dumbed down compared to what Coldplay generally come up with. This song is the perfect example of the least essential kind of music.

Well right after that track came a Calvin Harris track and it featured Frank fucking Ocean and Migos. Well if the above track was an example of taking a step back this one is an example of taking a step ahead. The beat here is good it’s the kind of beat that popular dance music should have. It instantly makes you feel the groove and dance to it. Frank does what one expects him to do and delivers his vocals very efficiently. The Migos are good here too. They seem to have found a place for themselves a groove to fit in and are doing well in what they are good at. They are “bad and boujee” (pun intended). See the thing is I am not always in the mood for the lyrical content of this song but the beat drives me in. The “Slide” is a ride that I enjoy.

Next is Lana Del Ray, who is back with “Love”. I would say that the song is surely enough to “make her fans go crazy”. Subject wise we see the same topics being covered as we have seen her address in her previous work. Her delivery is moody, and her slightly sexualy charged voice helps sets the mood. The track isn’t something out of ordinary but has enough quality to get one excited for new material. She knows her forte and is ready to use it on us.

Well this was my week when it comes to listening new music. If you have heard the above tracks tell me how you feel about them.